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Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system gives each customer total peace of mind that all products are manufactured to the highest standard. Our professional mould management and maintenance procedure ensures that customers receive consistent quality products and services.


Great importance is placed on customer requirements. At every stage of the project we ensure a smooth delivery process is maintained all the way through to full production.

Machine set-up and operating conditions are an essential part of the quality control system.

Manufacturing, quality and inspection are documented and displayed at the machine press. All the relevant information required by the operators and inspectors to determine product consistency and quality, thus resulting in on-time customer delivery.

Environment & Products

Fisher Plastics take great care in being an environmentally responsible company.

We have an ethos of purchasing and recycling our own materials where ever possible with our on-site recycling facilities.

Our waste cardboard, oil and redundant tooling is all responsibly recycled back in to the manufacturing system, further reducing our environmental foot-print.

Customer Confidentiality & Security

We strive to guarantee that customer confidentiality and security is upheld to the highest standard in the manufacturing industry.

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